Shackelford Auction & Realty is pleased to announce


Auction of Estate of Mrs. Imogene Rich

4430 CR 201, Walnut, Mississippi

(Chalybeate Community/School System)

Real Estate & Personal Property


Tract 1 Brick House plus approximately 1 Acre of Land

Tract 2 Approximately 29 Acres

Personal Property –Content of House

Furniture, Glassware & Etc.

Complete Listing Coming Soon

For Further Information:

Shackelford Auction & Realty

Jarvene Shackelford


For centuries, auction has been accepted as the single most effective way to define the real value of a product or service.  Auctions create a marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to meet in a competitive place to buy and sell now, not speculate and wait.  If there’s any doubt, one has simply to look at the success of eBay, Sotheby’s, or Christie’s.

We are dedicated to increasing liquidity, trust and transparency for both buyers and sellers.  We strive to affect better, faster and more economical trading by enabling a direct relationship between buyers and sellers, and reducing the cost, barriers and risks normally associated with property ownership.  We believe in the strong work ethics instilled by our forefathers, the power of choice and infinite possibilities for creating value by the auction method.

There are many advantages in selling real estate or liquidating a business by the method of auction.  Time is of the essence.  Shackelford Auction & Realty can sell in ninety days or less.  In normal real estate sales, a property can be on the market for months or even years.  This lengthy time also leads to price reduction and/or property damage in order to produce a sale. You know how difficult and frustrating closing on a sale can be when a property is contingent on financing or on the sell of the buyer’s property.  Shackelford Auction & Realty can close in thirty days or less.  Our auctions are contingency free, so you will be able to make plans based on a scheduled closing of your property.  A property that remains on the market for an extended period can become a serious drain on you and your equity.  Mortgage payments, maintenance, taxes, and insurance can add up to thousands of dollars a month for some properties.  Shackelford Auction & Realty can help eliminate these costs. When selling real estate through the common method you risk overpricing and thus seeing little interest or under pricing and selling for less than the property is worth.  Luxury properties have few ‘comparables’ upon which to base a true appraisal.  The upside potential is limited by the asking price.  The auction method can establish the fair market value and eliminate guesswork in determining the asking price.  The auction method has more control.  Buyers act on your schedule because you set the date and time of the sale and the terms and conditions, thus eliminating negotiations.  Potential buyers know you are committed to sale on a specific date; therefore, they do their homework in advance and arrive to bid on sale day.  By the normal sale of real estate there is less motivation for buyers as you are waiting on them.  Plus, you must negotiate all aspects of the sale.


If you have a client or if you are considering selling any property, please give us a call and we will be happy to draw up a proposal and answer any questions you many have. 

Shackelford Auction & Realty can assist you in the settlements of estates, liquidating any business, or real estate properties by means of auction providing you or your client with over 35 years of experience backed by honesty, integrity, and dependability.

Our goal has always been to provide the very best marketing system for your product, allowing you the most net dollars.

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